21st August 2016

Cool little feature on the y Travel Blog focusing on travel with kids!



07th January 2016

Happy New Year everybody!  The Shack is back in 2016 with our sandy floor, new cocktails and those yummy tapas everyone loves!  And just because the GM loves Star Wars so much - here is a Millennium Falcon pizza - does that come with Han Solo?  Would you order a MF pizza if we put it on the menu?

52bed9f0dc1e0267d6446c60aa9b5f3b millenium pizza



07th January 2016

School holiday madness is over and now it is chill time!  Chill with a $10.00 pizza on Saturday nights in the pizzeria and have some fun with friends - we all know pizza is the bomb!



30th December 2015

Yummo!  Specials today!




14th November 2015

We love a good wedding and this one was fabulous!  90 happy, dancing, smiling people for this gorgeous wedding!



20th October 2015

Whoo Hoo!  Well done Team Beach Shack!

Trip advisor excellence certificate 2015


5th September 2015

Specials this week!  Yummy, yummy from Head Chef Lukey!


specials 1


30th August 2016

So you know how we keep banging on about how relaxed we are at The Shack?  It's soooo true.  This is Froggy our Pizza Chef taking a break from the stress of work on a sunny afternoon!

Froggy 2